Shree Vidhya Ashram Classrooms and Study Place

Learning and teaching is a two-way process that demands complete dedication and full concentration. To ensure complete level of concentration, a favorable environment is a must. Keeping this very requirement in mind, the management of  SVAIS has designed user-friendly and tech-savvy classrooms for the students.

  1. The traditional approach towards teaching and learning is the core process that cannot be ignored, but besides the conventional approach, our management also experiments with the latest trends that can help in fostering the learning process.
  2. The students are allowed to give presentations, attend seminars, go for internships, aid camps, etc. They are also allowed to submit their assignments online and do proper research using internet for various topics.
  3. The computer laboratories and other science laboratories are well-equipped with latest technological products.
  4. In order to evaluate its students, the school takes comprehensive weekly tests on a regular basis.
  5. A well-stocked library is the soul of the school it caters to the intellectual taste and preferences and develops the healthy habit of reading. The scores of books, journals, magazine, novels and periodicals provide ample resource to students and staff to update their knowledge.
  6. Use of audio-visual aids enhances classroom teaching. It is a new technique and it makes students more interactive and interested in all the subjects.