At SVAIS, we lay aim to tap and cater to individual needs of a student as we believe in the intrinsic uniqueness of each child as far as learning abilities and a strong emphasis basic skills and and talents are concerned. We venerate tradition yet firmly believe that in order to equip students for more productive lives in the changing world; we need to devise a progressive and modern curriculum. As an award winning school with consistently high-test scores and wonderful teachers, the school is known for its academic excellence. Our students have been the top-performers in the CBSE and other competitive exams in nous teacher of teaching. Along with a strong academic program, we believe in the flame of consciousness alit in each kid and extent to which it can transform their life if kindled and nurtured. Our teachers are experienced and dedicated professionals who are committed to examining each child's personality with keen eyes and help them hone their full potential while showering the kids with love and compassion. Success is not a matter of luck, but planning and organization. Our parents are an integral part of this successful effort to push forward the envelope of holistic education. Consistent support and encouragement of parents result in greater success for all students. We look forward to another successful school year. Please stay involved. We are here to help and support you in your schooling journey!




Our Mission


To help students realize their full creative potential as an individual and make a mark in their chosen field of career by nurturing them with an aptitude for leadership, innovation, scientific temper, sports, literature, arts and citizenship values. This we achieve by providing world-class infrastructure combined with a conducive learning environment.


Our Vision


To see SVAIS, in every corner of the world, identified by their virtue of empathy,adaptability, excellence in their vocation, by their meaningful contribution to society and for their familial camaraderie towards fellow SVAIS.



  • Ecological: To reduce the Electricity bill by 10% in this academic year
  • Administrative: To make 85% of the communication system email-centric
  • Linguistic: To make English as the first choice of language for all formal and informal communications at all


Core Values


  • Being Diligent: We believe in doing our work diligently so that the students are not short changed for low-quality services.
  • Being Relational: We believe in working together as a community that is bound by mutual respect and interdependence. And therefore we strive to create an operating environment where both students and staff feel valued and respected.
  • Being Student Centric: We make all our plans and strategies around the students and their needs. Our teaching approach is highly Learner-centric. We strive to make learning fun for students and at the same time demand effort to learn from them.
  • Skill Oriented: Our educational practice is geared towards providing the students with practical life skills and not just theoretical knowledge. The emphasis is on skill development.