The term ‘Boards’ in every child’s life in the Indian setting brings a daunting view towards the examination. But are the board exams actually so competitively tough that they bring stress to our lives or is it the hype created behind them that scares us with it’s very thought?

A wise man once said, “The fear of fear is fear itself” 

Having said so, we wish to present a few changes which you could incorporate in your daily routine to walk through the boards like any other examination without the anxiety attached to it. 

1. In order to meet your daily targets 7-14 days before the examination, start by making a time table which inculcates frequent breaks which act as a booster to increase productivity. In the time table, the subjects must be mixed in order to reduce monotony, boredom and a loss of appetite for the subject.

2. Trouble making notes? Try to summarise a chapter with a 2 pager, acting as flash notes to be browsed through a day prior to the examination. Reading the whole book on the last day leads to a jumbled mind as there is too much information for our memory to take. It is similar to eating because is it possible to eat the entire week’s meal in one day? So, notes could add more value and confidence displayed in your grades.

3. Add more tree diagrams and flow charts to your answer writing. It boosts the capacity of mind mapping and remains in our memory for a longer period of time. Even if you forget an answer in your examination you need not worry, the maps you’ve created in your mind will do the magic.

4. Engage in a physical activity like running for a mile, yoga on some soothing music, playing your favourite sport or a stroll with a friend. It helps in increasing your body’s blood flow and results in an increased supply of oxygen to the brain. A mix of oxygen and knowledge is the source of nutrition to the brain and develops our reach into the long term memory.

Hence a good revision gives you confidence. Confidence helps you take the board exams in a relaxed state of mind. A calm and relaxed approach lets you enjoy the exam. So can you ever lose a football match if you enjoy it to the fullest?

The right attitude and approach can bring a lot of difference and add a secret ingredient to your bowl full of knowledge and success.

So just be wise, relax and revise.

Thanks for reading.